Sept. Fishing on The Missouri River near Cascade MT.

Sept. 4th 2018

The fishing has become excellent on the Missouri River from Holter Dam to the town of Cascade. Fish are feeding on top, eating dry flies, hoppers, ants, and beetles. Here are a few photos taken yesterday to show the action.

Four trout feedingGood onegood singlesharks feeding

In the photos above the trout are feeding late in the day on Trico spinners. It was a windless day, and the small Mayflies were mating for hours, and the spinner fall lasted much longer than most days.

Trout feeding on top

The trout sip the very small dead mayflies, (Tricos) forming groups called “pods”. Here is an individual trout feeding on tricos right off the surface of the river.

Very good

Above, the trout searching for a meal. These are typical trout on the Missouri, which average around 14-18 inches.

The dry fly fishing is what has made the Missouri River  famous . Great hatches, great water quality, and a wonderful supply of wild naturally reproducing Brown, Rainbow, Cutbows, Cutthroats, Whitefish, Walleye, Carp, and a few Brook Trout , keep anglers very happy on the Missouri River.

The fishing is not easy if you are not familiar with this style of fishing, and it can be very important to hire a guide to show and explain the various techniques in order to have success. There are many Fly Shops, one in Wolf Creek, a few in Craig, and one in Cascade. All the shops employ guides who know the river, I am also a guide and outfitter, and have been on this river for over 30 years. I do have some openings in Oct .

Good luck, hope you can get out and experience a float trip down the wonderful Missouri River!

Mark Daly

Guide # 3290

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